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Do not use email to send us confidential or sensitive information such as passwords, account numbers or social security numbers. If you need to provide this type of information, contact us by phone, fax or regular mail.

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FAQs for Out of Band Authentication

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1) What is the “security code”?
The security code is the new security feature from Business Solutions that is replacing the challenge questions.

2) Why is this changing?
Security techniques today need to meet new standards to compete with the increase of more sophisticated techniques of online fraud.

3) How do I receive my security code?
You will receive your security code via a phone call or text message to the phone number of yours that the bank has on file.

4) Why can’t the security code just be emailed? Why does it have to be sent to a phone?
If your computer has viruses or malware, your security code could be compromised; delivering the security code to your phone is a safer, more secure method.

5) Does the bank have my current phone number?
You must review and/or update your phone number by logging into online banking. Debit card and PIN are not applicable on Business Solutions. You will need to do the following:

1. Login to your Business Solutions Online Banking
2. Click on “Administration"
3. Click on “Personal Preferences” and review and update your information
4. If the information is incorrect, click “Change” and update your information
5. If the information is correct, do nothing

6) What happens if I miss the phone call from Business Solutions?
You will be allowed to try again. There are no restrictions.

7) Will I get locked out by typing the security code in incorrectly or abandoning the webpage once a security code is issued?
No, you will not get locked out. You will just need to get a new security code and try again.          

8) Will I have to type in the security code every time I log in?
No. Once you type in the security code, your computer’s information (IP address, device used, browser used, and software used) is collected by Business Solutions. So, the next time you log in from that device, Business Solutions will recognize it and will not ask you for a security code.

9) Do I need a separate security code for each device I use to access Online Banking?
No. You may use your security code for each of the devices you use to access Online Banking. Once you have your security code, it is a good idea to log into your Online Banking account with each device you plan on using to access your account.

10) Will I still receive a security question once I click on “Forgotten Password” to reset my password?
No. You will not have to answer a question(s). When you click on “Forgotten Password” you will have to get a new security code through the Out of Band Authentication Business Solutions process. From there, you will be able to reset your password.

11) How are foreign phone numbers handled for OBA?
In Business Solutions online banking, the foreign phone numbers are recognized.

12) If I am traveling abroad and have brought mylaptop with me, is it likely I will need a security code? Will my cell phone receive the text or call message?
It is likely you will need a security code. If your cell phone is enabled for international service, you will receive a text or call.

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